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Hey all. Recently I purchased my very first tank (second hand) and this past week have been busy researching everything I could find about keeping tropical fish - I'm looking for some advice on whether or not my equipment is enough to handle my set up and which fish I should buy for my first time around. I've decided I'm going for a fishless cycle to get the tank started and have a list of fish I am interested in purchasing - seen in lfs however I am open to other suggestions as I only looked at a few places. I currently have a 100cm x 40cm x 40cm tank (160L) ,a used fluval 206 (unfortunately the filter media was washed when I bought it) and a new Eheim thermostat 125w heater, in the hood of the tank came 2 lamps one of which has "for reptile use only" on and is nonfunctional and the other takes about 5 seconds of flickering then eventually comes on. I've purchased the API master test kit and some "kleen off" ammonia for the cycling. I've read mixed opinions on planted tanks. I'm most likely going for real plants although I am not sure which plants I should choose so any recommendations would be appreciated. Also recommendations for a suitable/cheap substrate would be helpful too
Here's the list of fish I liked - I didn't include a "cleanup crew" so that would be helpful too. I'll also include my water hardness information as of december last year (provided by the local water company)

Neon tetra
Honey gourami
Flag tail prochilodus
Glowlight tetra
lampeye killifish
Black phantom tetra

tiger barb (although I've heard they can be aggressive D: )

Hardness Level : Hard
Hardness Clark : 16.98
Hardness French : 24.26
Hardness German : 13.59

Thanks for taking your time for reading all of this and a HUUUGE thank you to anyone who replies with advice

EDIT: Sorry If this is in the wrong section I am new to TFK, simply point me in the right direction and I'll happily move it :p
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