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First off, welcome to the forum!!
1. How do I get the pH of Tank 2 down, and how low should it be? I've used an entire bottle of pH Down to no effect. Also, I've heard cichlids should be at 8.2 pH. Is 7.8 close enough or do I need to spend more money on chemicals getting it up there? You should probably just leave it, the fish are used to the ph by now anyway. And the fact that they bred is a good sign.

2. My nitrates seem to be out of control. I’ve done several 50+% water changes in the last two weeks with almost no effect. I've got live plants in Tank 2 and I've heard they can help. Every time I've tried live plants with the cichlids they constantly dig them up and/or eat them. I would suggest testing you water for nitrates, that might be a problem.

3. I need a recommendation for some other type of food to feed Tank 2. Perhaps a 1mm pellet of some kind? I tried some goldfish pellets (probably 2mm) I had lying around and the fish attacked them but they wouldn't fit into their mouths. Hmm, I would try some frozen foods, Daphina, bloodworms etc.

4. Is there an easy way to catch fish in an aquarium? I spent an hour getting the cichlids out of that tank, and I still ended up leaving some in there.

4. Other than that, any comments or suggestions in general would be welcome. Good luck on your tank!

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