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Advice: can I put this in my tank?

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Can I put these on my tank? I'm not sure what they're made of (thrift store) so I thought to ask here first before I risk anything. I thought someone on here might be more familiar with tea sets.

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onlt thing i would worry about is the paint chipping off then decomposing (cant think of the word at the moment) but if they are clrea coated or sealed or w/e im sure they would be fine. you will find plenty of clay and ceramic decor in petstores painted then a coat of clear selaer or w/e on them that are for aquarium use.

Short answer id say yea after rinsed off with tap water and scrubbed down. if you have problems after adding thsose in you know where to look fisrt
I myself would skip on putting them in your aquarium. It is difficult to know what type of paint was used on them. I myself would be worried about the possibility of harmful chemicals leaching into the water.
The gold paint on those will have flakes of metal in it that may leach into your water, I wouldn't chance them in a tank.
taking all into consideration is there a clear coat on them? can u feel raised areas of where the paint and "gold paint" are? if so gunna side with the others. if its all smooth id say its safe but thats me
To be honest there is absolutely no reason to be putting a "Tea set" inside your tank. You may appreciate it visually but it does nothing for the fish, has no function, and as others stated can over time leach things you don't' want in your tank.
I would def. not put those in your tank. Especially with that gold trim. If you really have your heart set on it, try to find some AQ silicone sealant that you can brush on.

I've never used it so can't suggest a brand but maybe someone else has?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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