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Okay, so here's the deal, at my college I take care of a few fish tanks and we are looking to restock one of the tanks and we just need to rehome two Albino Buenos Aires Tetras.

Both are very healthy and disease free, I take care of them daily myself, they've been through a lot with their tank (25 gallon) but they are happy and healthy as ever, constantly nipping the Neons :roll: so we just need to find some homes for these guys! I believe it is one male and one female.

I would prefer them to go to a home where there are more Buenos Aires to have a nice shoal that is needed but honestly, whoever wants them will get them. Adoption is free, just pay shipping, heat pack will be included in the shipping price! If you want I can get you pictures of these guys to show you, just let me know!

Thanks for looking!
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