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Need some advice here. I recently made some changes to my 60 Gallon cube. (Added HO lighting and lots of great plants) and will be adding more. But I was thinking of adding some planted substrate to it to help the roots.

What is your advice on this? Would it be to much of a hassle and not enough success?
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I would take the time to basically "redo" the tank and remove the water and fish.

then start from scratch by adding the substrate and plants then returning the water and fish to the tank.

I use 1" sphagum peat moss (3'x1'x1' plastic cube $11), 1" play sand (50 pound bag $2-3, 1" pro choice select (a red baked clay 40 poung bag $8). Each layer added, water added to just the top of that layer, leveled, and the tank cleaned. then plant the plants. and finally return the water and fish pouring the water over a saucer.

If you do that the tank will be almost immediately clear.

I also would turn off any filter or air stones for a few days to let things soak and settle down.

Still that just my .02
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