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How are your fishies doing? :)

I just bought a shoal of 6 glofish for my daughter's birthday (she picked them out, but I will be the one caring for them). I am interested to hear about how your little guys fare. These are replacing our betta which we lost to some unknown illness (a long story involving many threads in the bettafish forum).

Also this thread has helped me considerably as I had some Ribbon Plant in my tank! (It is also called Lucky Bamboo, although unrelated to Bamboo and not native to Asia.) I took it out and put it in my hospital tank and lowered the water level there, so only the stems are in the water. I replaced it with some nice, stemmy, fully aquatic plants. :) So far, so good. I also have some anubias, java moss, and water sprite.

If your pH does get back on track I'd love to hear about it, especially if you choose to introduce new tank mates! :fish:
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