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I have a small tank (10g) with some danios and otos. Currently the pH in my tank is very low. I am in the process of raising it but it is a very slow and delicate process and I am not going to rush it. In the last month or so, two of my danios have died. I only have two left now, along with 2 otos. I am worried about the 2 danios because I know they would be better in a group. I used to have 5 of them. Anyway, especially for one of my danios whom I have had the longest, I am worried about their health due to loneliness.

My question to you guys: it is best to give them some more friends, even though the pH level is not good for new fish? Or is it better to wait until the pH is stabilized before adding any more, even if one or both of the danios would die of loneliness before it is stabilized?

I am naturally a lot more attached to the fish I already have than the ones I would be adding. I hope that doesn't make me sound insensitive though. :\

hey there welcome to the forums!!

what is your ph? how do you measure your water parameters? do you have algae in your aquarium? what do you feel the otos? what about the others?

I would wait dont add anymore fish until you get things resolved okay?
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