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Adding fish to established, cycled tank

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I want to add either Black neon tetras or Serpae tetras to a 29 gal tank. I have 7 fish in there now and have had them for several months. How many of either (up to six) should I add at once.
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What fish are in the 29?

My experience with serpae tetras is that they are very nippy fish. I had a school of 9.

Black neons, on the other hand, are wonderful fish. They occupy the top half of the tank, unlike the serpaes which occupy the lower half of the tank.
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Ditto on the serpaes.

How many depends on the setup and how large the fish are. I just put 12 small silver tip tetras in a 25gallon. More plants lets you add more fish in an already established tank.

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4 of the Platies are adult size. The other 2 are juveniles. I one adult size Serpae.

One of the adult platies (Sunburst/Sunset) used to chase the Mickey Mouse platy until I added the Black background to the back of the tank. BTW adding the black background seemed to change the behavior of all of the inhabitants, seemed to calm them all down.

I wanted to add the Serpaes to see if it would calm down the single Serpae occasional chasing anything in the tank. I haven't seen him nip anything and none of the others show any evidence of being nipped. If it would not slow down his chasing I would substitute an appropriate fish for the additional Serpaes.

My question was for the maximum number of fish I could add w/o causing a mini-cycle or other disturbance in the tank. My tank is heavily planted (see the gallery).
We have 4 serpae tetras and we haven't had any problems with them being nippy, but this has just been our experience. But if you aren't wanting to try them then I think you should take back the one you have and get a shoal of other fish. I'm sure that is why it is more aggressive because it is by itself. If your tank is already cycled I would think you could add 4-5 tetras at one time and they would be okay.
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