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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and I hope someone can help me.

I bought an ADA KB-600F 70 litre aquarium from a local pet shop. Unfortunately, the owners speak very little English, so I wasn't able to learn much about it. The aquarium appears to be a new product, but it seems to have been stored away for a very long time since it was quite dusty.

I've done some searching online, but have not been able to find this model or any ADA aquariums for sale. It has a fluorescent light with a fuse and an aluminum hood. Today, most aquariums have LED lighting and plastic hoods.

The in the tank filter pumps 700 liters an hour, with the intake pipe flowing the water over a filament pad located at the back of the hood. The glass has curved seamless corners and the bottom is insulated. I think this aquarium is made from automotive glass.

By all means this appears to be a very good quality aquarium, but I'm wondering how old it actually is? I paid $85 for it, which I think was a good deal. The filter and the light both work fine.

Does anyone here know about this brand of aquarium and if ADA has a website?

My other question is about fish. I want to put koi or other fancy goldfish in this aquarium. Can anyone advise me about how many fish I can comfortably put in this 70 liter tank? I do not plan to put anything decorative in it aside from a layer of fine black glass gravel.

The filter just has a filament pad, which I don't think is enough. Is it advisable to put a layer of charcoal pellets under the filament pad?

Thank you all for your help.
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