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About myself and my fish Marbelloh.

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I'm Alex, I have two cats named Bindi and leopalorn and an angelfish
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Welcome to TFK!! We're glad you joined us.
Welcome to the forum! We have helpful people that can help u solve fish problems!
I was wondering if a 55 gallon is just right for 1 marble angelfish full size. I have currently a juvenile angel in a 20 gallon by itself. I was told that it would outgrow the system. Luckily my parents have a unused 55 gallon tank in their basement.
A fifty five gallon tank is good for a single angel,..or a pair. The twenty really is too small for a decent size adult angel. At the best, one angel in a twenty is okay, just a bit constricted, not too mean...I have to say that because I'm guilty of having pairs in 20's right now.
:shock: .... Unused 55 gallon..... Gasp!... breathe, breathe..... :lol: My heart is all a-flutter!!

It will be awesome to move that Angel to a much bigger tank! No doubt about it. Providing more space is never a bad thing in my books!

Are Angels good on their own do you know?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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