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I'm Alex, I have two cats named Bindi and leopalorn

and one standard 20 gallon tank ( set up this march and cycled with a school of zebra danios I took out all the danios and only have the 1 fish) a juvenile marble angel named Marbelloh. Filtration consists of a sponge filter for up to 80 gallons and the tank has driftwood but no plants as of yet i will buy fake plants on friday when i get paid. I hear that 20 gallons the single Angel will outgrow if so how long do I have before this happens. :-? I'm keping only it in there uintil I hopefully get a larger tank

I plan on doing large scale water changes of around 50% every wensday. And feeding a diet of flake, brine shrimp and fruit flies.:-D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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