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This is when i had the big piece of driftwood in my tank.
Hmm..i liked that setup...i think i might do it again sometimes.
Some of the vids have a bad sound and that is the darn fan..i forgot to turn it of!
The vid is around 1min 46sec.

An older video clip of the Giant gourami i had!
He was growing pretty fast and i had to trade him in at the lfs close to my house.
The next day i went there i couldn't see the Giant gourami so i asked the owner...he said it was sold few hours after i had been there!
Here is the clip and it's 49 sec long.

I belive these 2 male dwarfs are testing out their strength!
The clip is 1.35min so it will take some time to load.

Here are some pleco vids.
This is of the L-83..15sec

And the L001...14sec

Other plecs and fish..1min 13sec
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