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Hi, I've been thinking about starting a 55 gal (maybe a bit more) Fish with Live Rock setup, but had some questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


1. When starting a new tank, can I fill it with tapwater, and then add live rock/sand after a few days of filtration? Or does tapwater just present too many problems?

2. Follow up question: I gather that tapwater is a no-no later on, and that I am supposed to use "FO" water. What, then, is "FO" water? I assume this is distilled water from the grocery store/wherever?

3. Previously, I bought a tank straight from the fish store, which I no longer have. Is that actually an economical way to do it? Is there a good online store out there that will mail it to me without the overall costs being outrageous? For that matter, anyone got a recommendation for online equipment retailers?

4. Any recommendations on specific products for skimmers, pumps, heaters, and the like? I'll be purchasing all the equipment I'll need. Silence and performance are my main issues. Cost is obviously an issue as well, but I'd rather go for quality instead of buying a piece of junk.

5. Finally, I'd like to buy a nice(er) stand for this thing. Anyone know of a company that makes nicer stands than the typical stuff out there?

Thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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