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I recently received some Nothobranchius Guentheri (killifish to me) as a present and as I am a complete novice to keeping anything like this, besides a goldfish, I thought I could do with some advice (They are living after all). I have some basic knowledge from some searches but a few of my questions remained unanswered. (There is quite a lot so please answer as few or many as you can :p)
My questions are as follows:

1. The water I am to hatch them in should be aged. Is this plainly leaving the water for a short period or should something more be added to it?

2. At this age what should I be feeding them and as they grow what should I move on to? Additionally what is the easiest to provide for them and do they need a range and balance of foods? Where can I source this?(how often too)

3. When and how should I transfer them to an alternative tank or container (What age). For example when they hatch and grow. (I've not bought one yet)

4. What capacity tank should I get for them (about 20 or 30 eggs).

5. When is it that they will start to jump and therefore will I need a cover for their 'container'.

6. I've got a thermometer and my room's temperature is below what I understand to be the required temperature (mine's averaging 15°C), what should I use in the earlier stages to maintain a higher temperature?

7. What is 'liquidfry' and do I need it?

8. How often and by what means should I clean out their container or tank at the various stages?

It seems I don't know very much about this :oops: but I do very much want to discover it therefore i greatly appreciate any attempts to answer any of my, probably obvious, questions. THANK YOU! :-D
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