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6 goldfish free to a good home

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I'm fostering 6 small comet goldfish. I would love for them to find a permanent home. Perhaps one of you has a pond with room for a few youngin' goldies?

They are really cute and really wiggly. I know they will make great pets.

No fee, I don't mind paying shipping. You can also pick them up if you're in California. PM for specifics.
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I might have room in my tank for one, but how big are they as of now?
They are quite small. The largest is about 2 inches long, but growing quickly. They've all doubled in size this past month! They like to eat, lol.

I'll try and get a picture of them, but they are very wiggly and in a bowfront, so the images might not be the best.
Best pics I could get!! Fish are hard to photograph ;-)

This is one of the biggest, 2-inches

Sorry for blurriness!
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I managed some better photos! The white one with dark orange head is taken, but the other five are still available. I would be so happy even if just one could find a home.

Here's the solid white one, he's very pretty.

The biggest one, about two inches, maybe a smidge more. They are all growing quickly.

Just a tiny bit smaller than the largest:

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I have an actual pond pond, not a small goldfish pond but a larger man made one that is spring fed, it's sort of frozen at the moment but if spring time comes and you still haven't found homes for these little guys, I wouldn't mind acclimating them to the pond. Granted, this more of a "wild" pond (that we introduced commons and comets to) so I can't guarantee survival but we've got around 200 fish in there and they've survived through around seven-ten years now!

Just a last resort type of deal though since I'm sure you want them to go to people with real aquariums for them ^_^ but figured I'd throw it out there anyway!
Thank you so much for offering! I just don't want them to get eaten. :) I will keep the thread updated as I know more.
All 6 goldfish are still available! They all seem happy and healthy. And they're getting bigger!
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