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6-8 inch Common Pleco Local Pick-up only in Centennial, CO

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I have a young common pleco named Oscar who needs a much larger home. He's not very big right now compared to the near two feet he may get later in life, but he'll get there if given proper space.

He's around 6-8 inches, he's hard to measure, he's not the sort to hold still where you can see him for long. lol

I would like him to go to a home that has a tank or pool at least 200+ gallons and a human who is good at taking care of plecos and knows how to go about it.

I am terrified to ship something his size and with that bioload, so I'd like it to be local pick-up only.

I'm only asking ten dollars for him. I put a lot of care into him getting him healthy and happy. It's some of the care costs. When I got him he was maybe 2-3 inches long and was dropped in with African Cichlids, they removed ALL of his fins except a shred of one pectoral fin and a few nips of fin here and there on the rest and his back was a mess of injury. They have since grown back and you can't even tell he was ever chewed up. He's a real sweetheart.
I HATE to see him go, I've fallen completely in love with him, but the amount of space I have is less than ideal and I had only gotten him as a rescue as is since the cichlids killed his siblings and were working on him. He's currently in a 73 gallon pool with my livebearer fry and kuhli loaches. He gets on with them great.

Him a few months ago in my 55 gallon tank, he was still growing back that tail and looked really awkward, especially since his other fins came back much faster. But he looks good, he was VERY shy and flared and fled from all, hence his stance in this photo, he's very laid back now:

Him last week in the 73 gal pool on his cave. Sorry, I can't get side shots in the pool LOL:

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