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I think that you are probably 2/3's full. Filling out some of the existing groups would be better than adding another variety of fish, but that's just me. I like to see larger shoals of fish that are more comfortable and perhaps active as a result. In a larger tank it also makes them more visible and you have less need to fill it with something else. Bringing both groups of tetras up to 10 or 12 each would be good. Same thing with the barbs. If you consider how these fish interact in the wild, they would never have 4 or 5 different species together in a 55 gallon column of water continuously. That would be like putting a few families together in one house and locking them in with a grocery delivery service....sometimes that might work but I know I might end up hurting someone.

Hmmmm.... Sounds like a great idea for a TV show.

I won't comment on the CAE or the platy, not much to do with them.

On the nitrate, you really should test both your source water and the tank so you know that you don't have any problems with nitrates. Long term levels over 20ppm have been shown to cause problems with fish (I didn't read any study directly but Byron quotes this often) and we are seeing forum members with source nitrate issues. Otherwise, with zero source and plants, you shouldn't have any trouble with you WC schedule.

Can you get some pictures up in your aquarium log? Everyone loves to see pictures.

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