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I'm a 'day late and a dollar short', so I'll just agree with what's been suggested, with one caveat. First, since I discovered very high nitrates in my well water, testing for nitrates is very important. You can keep tank nitrates low(er) with good tank maintenance, living plants (even floating [I have a mass of Anacharis]) and by ensuring you don't over feed (I think most of us tend to over feed our fish some because they're 'programmed' to eat whenever food is available and we confuse this with hunger).

Now I have discovered that with good tank maint. and plants, a 10%-20% weekly water change (WWC) is fine. But if your source water is good, 50% is even better because there can never be too much fresh water. Just be sure and do your WWC every week as often folks get into the hobby and either don't do WWC's or slack off over time and neglect this important maintenance. But it's like having a cat and not cleaning the litter box... in time, you'll be sorry!!! :frustrated:


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