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For the stocking-
Clownfish, a pair of percs would be nice. Not maroons. To big.
Firefish, a pair is really nice. I have a pair on my 110 reef
YWG, awesome fish. I have one as well. Get a pistol shrimp to go with him.
Blennies are always an awesome choice
Coral beauty and flame, fight together. And are a risk in a reef
Green chromis, actually not a schooling fish. They pick each other off. So if you get them. Than only one.
Blue yellowtail damsels, the most peaceful damsel IME. One would be great.
Spotted mandrin, hard to feed. Skip for now.
Gramas, cool little fish. You could do one.
Six line, EVIL little things. I had one kill my gramma. Not a very nice fish. Definitely skip.
Longnose hawk, never had one. But may not go to well with the firefish.

Cleaner shrimp
Peppermint shrimp
Coral banded CAN be a threat to sleeping fish

Easy corals,
Tree corals (not the green)

It really all depends on your light and levels. For what corals will go good
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