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Hi! I promised that I’ll come back to present my tanks .
So… one of my tanks has 47 gallons, populated with a mix of fish species and also few amano shrimps.

AngelFish (Pterophyllum scalare) x3,
Gouramis (Pterophyllum scalare) x2,
Siamese Algae Eater (SAE - Crossocheilus siamensis) x4,
Ancistrus (Ancistrus cirrhosus) x1,
Amano shrimps (Caridina multidentata) x5.
Pomacea (Pomacea haustrum) x2
Neritina zebra (Neritina natalensis) x2

Microsorum pteropus,
Heteranthera zosterifolia,
Rotala rotundifolia.
Anubias barteri.

Aquatlantis aquarium - dimensions: W100xD41xH50cm (39.5x16.25x19.75”)
Lighting: 2x 39w T5 (TLD 840)
External filter - JBL CristalProfi e901
CO2 syistem – ProFlora 201u + adapt 500g CO2 bottle.

Red wood
Aquarium sand

If you want to know more , please feel free to ask anything.
I’ve attached a pic, but I think it better shows the video below.


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Hi there!

This setup is done 3 weeks ago, but the plants are reused from another setup that had about a year.

Here is a picture of the setup at one week distance.

The wood is darker now and I’m thinking to cover it with some moss.
I also need to trim the rotala to make it bushy.
Please let me know your feedback.


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What kind of water changes do you do. I have a 29 gallon just set up with a few plants and aC02 system.
1 dennison barb
2 brass tetras
1 bleeding heart tetra
2 clown loach
1 rubber lip algae eater
1 buenos aires tetra
3 zebra danios

I had to downsize from a 70 gallon bow front which had some damage and potential leaking
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