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Hello all!

I want to re-stock a 40 g that I have. Years ago, I had it set up as a Lake Tanganyika cichlid tank. I, regretfully, left it at home when I went to college and it wasn't kept up. So, the survivors are 2 syno. petricola and 1 (possibly a few more) multi shellies.

I want to break away from cichlids. I'd love to have an active community tank, and if I can, leave the surviving synos and multi\s in there.

My pH is >8 (we have well water)

I'd love advice on what kind of fish you think would be appropriate. So far I am leaning towards gourami or dwarf rainbowfish with smaller schooling fish like cherry barbs and tetra. (Welcome to suggestions for tetra. I do like neons but I worry the pH is too basic)

I'm welcome to any and all suggestions, thank you!
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