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Hello All
First time posting over here, I'm usually on the betta forums X)

Anyways, Ive been trying to decide on stocking my 40 gallon breeder (36x18x16) and would love any input.

The problem I'm having though, is that I want only 1 or 2 fish in my tank and something that would grow rather large. I havent had much luck finding information on what would fit.I've looked at the fish profiles too, but still cant find the right fish.

My tank is NOT cycled yet, so I have time to decide on what I really want.
I'm also not new to fish keeping, but I wouldnt consider myself an expert by an means X)
My tank will also be lightly planted, so I'd like something that wont root around the substrate too much and destroy everything.

I'd also like something rather aggressive and will eat feeders as I'm breeding guppies and will have a supply of them that wont be disease ridden.

Some options I've been looking at:

-1 Jack Dempsey
Love the color, love the attitude
I'd put up with the ripping plants up for this one.

-1 Mated Pair of convicts
Very pretty though I dont want to deal with the babies, is there a way to have them not breed or something they will tolerate in the tank that will eat the eggs or would I have to clean them out each time? I read that a bristlenose pleco will eat the eggs but I'm not sure how reliable that it. Also worried about plants being ripped up.

Always like these, though I dont think my tank is tall enough to house the adults.

-Some sort of Bichir/Eel
Not sure if there are any that would fit in my tank, and I'm unsure if it would hide all the time.
I need something thats not shy since it will be the only thing in my tank.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated or corrections to what I have so far would be fantastic, thank you!

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A needle nose gar would be great, they stay at the top of the aquarium hovering over everything as if they are king of the tank so you won't have to worry about them uprooting plants, and they will instantly attack and eat feeder fish or ghost shrimp whenever you put them in. The only down side to this fish is that it might get too big for a 40 gallon, but it should be fine for a long while.

This would be a good tank mate for the jack dempsey, along with tiger bards as they will also eat feeder fish if they are small enough.
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