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Okay, I have two tanks full of fish already, a 10g and a 20g, both completely freshwater, and down the road, when I'm in a bigger place and not having to deal with a restrictive lease agreement, I would like to get a third tank, but not sure what I would like to do with it. Right now I have four options: Make it another freshwater, either tropical or subtropical, or try something new, which would be either brackish, saltwater or something different all together like say turtles or bearded dragons. It probably won't be until about a year or two, yet since it's never too early to do your homework, and since I have Tropical and Saltwater covered, I might as well ask a few questions about Brackish Tanks.

1. Besides the whole salt thing, is the setup any different from Tropical? Like when it comes to live plants, are there any that can't handle salt in the water at all?
2. Will there be any extra equipment I would have to get to maintain it? Because usually I just have a light, heater and filter to maintain things, but I'm not sure if Brackish water has the same requirements as a Saltwater Tank.
3. What kind of critters can be put into such a tank? While I know that mollies and some puffers are brackish, but what other fish are there, and what inverts can be mixed, because I know puffers would make a meal out if any inverts added.

Here are the questions. While I know I can google for the answers, sometimes it never hurts to hear from people with some personal experience because they won't sound like something coming from some kind of textbook.
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