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3ft fully planted

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Now this will not be speedy, i have a few other projects on the go, so not expecting this to fly ahead any time soon

Tank: 3'x18"x18"
Capacity: 190litre or 50gal (approx)
Lighting: 4x 39W T5HO
Filtration: Internal (Canister eventually)
Substrate: DIY mix
Heating: 300W
Decor: Wood, Rocks, Live plants
CO2: Yes DIY
Fertz: Trace, Flourish and Excel
Stock: Tiger Barbs, RTBS & some algae type eater

This is very much a work in progress, heaps more plants to be added over time (as i get my hands on them)

*Java fern will not be staying
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I like the flow of this aquascape. Nice driftwood. The placement of the rocks and wood is very nice.

What are you going to replace the java with? Pennywort or moneywort would be a thought.

Keep us posted.
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