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I'm not sure that'd work either, since African cichlids tend to need more space, and over stocking to work. hopefully someone else will come in and explain that better.
I'm also unsure of compatibility with the shark
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There are a few things here that I will address.

Firstly welcome the forum :) :waves:

Ok, bowfront tanks unless very large are not ideal tanks for keeping cichlids in, simple answer is cichlids are territorial and require areas of a tank to call their own, this is not easily achieved in a smaller bowfront tank as there is not a lot of real estate.

The acei and yellow labs are the only fish that are compatible there, cichlids even these are the milder ones, are still to aggressive to be housed with anything other than other cichlids and correct plecos (Bristlenose and Synodontis Multipunctus).

The big concern here is the tank size, 36g is not really big enough to be able to successfully house cichlids, ideally a 55g or larger tank is needed, 40g breeder at minimum really.

Now if you really want to do cichlids, perhaps look at some of the smaller shell dwellers such as neolamprogus and geophagus, these guys stay very small and would be suitable for your tank.

We are here to help as much as we can so keep the ideas coming, we want you to have a successful happy tank :)
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