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29g planted tank

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Hi! This is my 29g planted tank about 2 weeks old.

-Rotala wallichii
-Rotala rotundifolia
-Glossostigma elatinoides
-Blyxa japonica
-Ludwiga repens
-Red val
-Hornwort (submersum) - Just until algea goes down

-Still looking for echinodorous tennelus in empty spots and eleocharis acicularis that will go where the hornwort is
-The anubias barteri floating there is waiting to be rehomed

-4 Otoinculus affinis
-7 Serpae tetras
-10-12 ghost shrimp

Soilmaster Select (charcoal)

-2x 65watt pc 6500k


EI dosing

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use a co2 injector as your fish arent sufficeint to supply it themselves. imo thats a pretty nice tank. all it needs is a co2 injector and maybe some plecos?
I have a nutrafin ladder and 2 2l bottles of DIY CO2. The CO2 stays steady at 30ppm. As for the plecos, they would tear up my glosso, that's why I have otos.
If only Mel is tempted.:checkedout:
Nice tank, Dasmall.:thumbsup:
welcome back dasmall i remember u from a couple months ago :D
joeshmoe said:
welcome back dasmall i remember u from a couple months ago :D
*Laughs out loud*:bluelaugh:
He's been visiting this forum regularly already.:mrgreen: Thanks, Dasmall.:thumbsup:
Very nice start for 2 weeks, can't wait to see how it fills out in a month or two.
joeshmoe said:
welcome back dasmall i remember u from a couple months ago :D
Yes, I joined when there were only about 5 members, then I went inactive for a while until more people joined.
nice tank :D very nice selection of plants :wink:
That is a nice tank. So you say you have 2 2l bottle's of DIY CO2 in there. LOL I only have 1 for my 55 gallon. Which way are you putting it into the tank? Hooked to airstone? Into Filter Canister?
Great start!! :wink: Can't wait to see it in a few months. :welldone:

Is that HM in the forground??
Nick- Thanks! I have both bottles going to a gang valve and then to a Nutrafin ladder.

Aquaticmoon- Thanks! It's actually glossostigma elatinoides that needs to fill out a bit.
how are you measuring PPM? i wouldnt mind knowing a lil more about how you monitor and regulate your c02 as i am working towards a DIY system.
There are a lot of ways to measure CO2. One method I use is by measuring the pH and KH of your tank, and comparing it on a chart found here The table is on that site somewhere, I just can't find it now for the life of me. I suggest downloading the calculator and it will be there.

The other method is to test the pH of a sample of water, and let the same water sit for 24 hours uncapped and test again. If the pH has increased 1.0, then you have 30 ppm of CO2. But be careful with that, because a pH increase of .5 is not 15 ppm.

Here is the link to the calculator. It is also in a sticky in the planted forum.
thanks guys
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