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The general 'rule' for keeping freshwater tropical fish is one inch of fish per gallon of water. This is taking into account what their adult size will be. The 'rule' can be stretched a little if you provide more than adequate filtration (i.e. buy a filter suitable for a tank that is 30-50 gallons), extra aeration, and do frequent water changes. Make sure you can test your water for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates so that your fish do not get stressed.

The other factors to consider are: do all of the fish you want to keep thrive in the same water temperature and PH level? You can research the topic before you purchase the fish. Another thing to consider is the aggressiveness of the fish. A pictus catfish, although very beautiful, is a semi-aggressive fish and may develop a taste for smaller fish as it grows.

I don't know much about ghost shrimp but would worry that an aggressive fish would eat them. What I do know about the ghost shrimp is that they are almost invisible, and help keep the tank clean.

Check this out for ideas on which fish are compatible:

Good luck and happy fishkeeping!
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