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Hey, everyone. I'm an experienced FW keeper who wants to get into SW nanos. I posted this on another forum, but for a 75 that I thought I was going to get. Now I have an empty 20G Long to fill! I'll copy and paste all my questions.

Hello! I am a brand new SW hobbyist (experienced FW) that would LOVE a reef. I was looking in Nat Geo today and saw Sea Slugs. Immediately after some research I decided that they are not for me. Now I've settled on a 20G reef. Buttttt...

1. What filter should I get? I've always used HOB for my Freshwater aquariums, but I've heard sumps are the best. I'm on a pretty strict budget, so preferably not a sump. If I decide on a HOB, do I need a skimmer? Carbon media? Can someone just go over the entire filter thing? LOL. Thanks.

2. If I decide to use live rock/sand, how long will it take to cycle? I may end up just using live sand after hearing horror stories on those weird little centipede-things that come in off live rock.

3. I'm guessing yes, but do I need a a heater? If yes, what wattage? Any specific brand?

4. Lights. Oh, boy. What should I get? Currently on my FW tanks I have Finnex Stingrays, but they are very expensive and I don't think they are strong enough for a reef.

5. Speaking of reefs, what corals are the easiest to grow? I don't mind if it's nothing fancy, like sponges, etc. I just need something that looks fairly cool and can support a bit of life.

6. I'm getting ahead of myself. What water? I've heard of RO/DI water, but I have no clue what it is (I get the Reverse Osmosis, sort-of. Please go over it again.) or how to get it. My local Wal-Mart sells RO water at like $.37 a gallon, but I don't want to pay $15 every time I do a water change. I also don't want to haul 20G of water home from Wal-Mart. Imagine the looks I would get, LOL!

7. Is there anything else I need to know about set-up? Maintnence?

8. Now for the fish. I only have access to what PetCo sells, though I could check some other places. I've never shipped FW fish, so I'm not very comfortable with it unless you guys say it's okay. I've fallen in love with the following... (This was the list for the 75! Updated list at the bottom!)

- Red Scooter Blenny
- Dog Face Puffer
- Spotted Mandrin Goby
- Blue Ring Angel
- Copperband Butterfly
- Rainford Goby
- Citrus Goby
- Green Mandrin Goby
- Lionfish

Those are the ones at PetCo that I like, I do know that some (most?) are out of the question, due to not being reef-safe, other fish-compatible, etc. But that's my local list. Below is the fish that I'd like in general. (All found while scrolling through Wiki, so don't know if that's the actual name or not.)

- Convict Blenny
- Raccoon Butterfly
- Mertens' Butterfly
- Banded Butterfly
- Spiny Chromis
- B&W Chromis
- Ocellaris Clown
- B&G Damsel
- Springers' Damsel
- Fire Fish*
- Purple Fire Fish*
- Orange Spotted Filefish
- Watchman Goby
- Lacey Scorpion Fish
- Thorny Seahorse

(Few! I'm back. I was lost in the depths of Wiki's beautiful Corals, seahorses that I will never have, starfish, crabs, and sea slugs. 9. Is it legal to own a sea slug? Is it feasible?)

(Edited List! For a 20G, how about a Orange Striped prawn Goby, a Green Mandrin Dragonet, and a pair of Ocellaris Clowns? The above was for a 75G.)

I'll probably stop here, and ask more questions as questions come. One last thing.

10. Is it feasible to own starfish, seahorses, etc? Jellyfish? I'm guessing no, because of large sizes and stingers. Could I get a starfish for a 20g?

Thank you guys for your time! Sorry, I have lots of questions! :D
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