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$20 plant package, “free shipping” pick any 5.
I ship from 66503 and the temps have been low 40's to 70's

4 6-9in alt reneickii stems
red tiger lotus (mine has never been very red and I'm not sure how large the root is)
palm sized chunk of subwasertang
palm sized chunk hornwort
10x green crypt wendii (6in)
Brazilian sword (recently been cut back to 6intall)
Brazilian sword (not cut, but i might cut it to ship)
Amazon sword (large and always making babies)
Apongeton (large)
5 baby amazon swords with root starts
Hygrophila corymbosa (i think, it has very narrow leaves) Tall and floppy
large chunk water sprite

I'll do my best to rinse and pick off any pests, but I do have limpets, seeds shrimp, and little pest snails (like the really small ones)

I will update this as things sell and will only ship mon or tues.


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