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20 gallon planted tank. Am I overstocked?

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Ive got 3 big Anubis Lancelot's with one small rock and one small piece of driftwood. The tank is 20 gallon 24x12x17 (LxWxH)
My Fish:
Serpae Tetras-7
Bronze Corys-4
Gold zebra loach-3
Bolivian Rams-2
Amano shrimp-10
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The tetras, guppies, corys and shrimp are the only ones suitable for that tank size. I'm concerned though the tetras and guppies will not get along.
However your loaches prefer a much larger tank 50g+ and a larger group
Also the rams are more suitable for 30gallons but idk. It's possible to keep them in a 20 long but I'm pretty sure all together that group will not work.
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I am in the process of a similar tank. Same dimensions, no live plants, 6 blk skirt tetras, 4 julii corys. Wanted to add a bolivian ram and am interested in what you ended up doing and how it's going?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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