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Welcome to the forum! I'll try to get some stuff that neither BWG or Willow were able to touch (mostly the stuff about the goldfish).

The goldfish lost their red caps because color isn't very stable in young goldfish. Every single goldfish I own has had his or her color patterns change throughout the years. It's just the way goldfish are. What usually happens with redcap orandas is the red spreads to the back and makes them red and white orandas. There is nothing wrong with the fish; it's just their genetics.

Gravel and live plants is just fine. Goldfish and live plants can be tricky. Right now I have anubias and amazon swords in with my fish. HOWEVER, they were raised with those plants. They don't see them as food. I've found that when introduced to plants when young goldfish tend not to eat them as much. You could go ahead and try anubias (about the hardiest aquarium plant out there) with yours and see how it goes. Make sure you only put the roots in the gravel, not the rhizome (thing the leaves grow from).

Now for the stocking question. You are overstocked even when overfiltered. Two goldfish in a 29 gal puts the aquarium at maxed out (in terms of swimming room and biological capacity--goldfish, especially orandas get very big). Some people can make it work, but it's difficult and not recommended for beginners. The people who do keep goldfish that way have no other fish in the tank and most even remove the gravel to allow for maximum water volume. A 29 gal is a great start for a tropical tank, but the goldfish really need something larger like a 40 gal or a 55 gal. You're going to have to make a choice here: keep the goldfish and everything else goes or rehome the goldfish.

I don't mean to sound like a downer. I don't blame you for the way your tank is. Most pet stores just don't know what they are doing with goldfish and sometimes fish in general. But as BWG said, we've all been there and are here to help you. :)
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