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Welcome to the forum. I want to try and answer your questions (a lot of agreeing with willow) and also to point out a few other things. Please don't take anything I say as getting down on you. All of us have been new at some point and made mistakes so I commend you for coming and looking for answers.

I'm not very versed on fancy goldfish. The rule I've also heard was 20 gallons for the first and 10 for each additional one. Some people do say 30 gallons for the first and then 10 for each one after that. That's for just goldfish alone as they have a lot of waste.

I'd like to comment on your pleco, but really can't. There's nearly 200 species and I have no idea which one you have. There's a wide range of temperatures, sizes, and diets among other things. Some species would be ok in a 29, others would be a massive problem as some are capable of getting close to two feet if not stunted. One thing I can say though is that all of them do have a large bioload.

The cories like to be larger groups, but you are already overstocked even to add more of a small species of cory like the salt and pepper. No glass catfish, btw. They are extremely sensitive to water conditions nor do they match the goldfish's needed parameters.

The multiple filters will help with bioload, but they do not create extra space, so even with them you are still overstocked.

I'll try and answer some of the rest of your questions (that willow didn't touch on) for future reference, but it's under the caveat that working on the stocking (returning fish/a second tank) should be the first things to worry about.

You can have plants and gravel. Goldfish however will eat most plants. There some exceptions such as anubias that they might not eat (again not an expert on them).

Prime is the water conditioner I prefer and yes it should be used with every weekly water change.

The light only needs changed yearly (9 months according to some) if you're keeping live plants, otherwise I wouldn't even bother. Anything with a kelvin rating of 6500k should suffice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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