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I think I got really lucky with these guys. I've seen Sterbai Cories sold at other places for nearly $15 and they are usually tiny! I happened to be looking around at fish at my local Petco when I spotted these guys in an unlabeled tank at the end. I was shocked to see these guys so big. They are nearly 2 1/2 inches!

Apparently the person in charge of fish at that store had them for about a year in his own aquarium, but had a conflict keeping them with other bottom feeders. Once I knew there were only 2, I had to have them! The girl sold them to me for the price of False Julis since they never carry Sterbais at Petco. $2.49 each! She also told me they may be ready to lay eggs. They do look pretty plump to me! I guess sometimes if you're lucky, you can find some hidden jems even at petco:)

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