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Is 195watts too much lighting for a 44G Pentagon you guys think ? Im at a cross roads with the lighting I currently have. I have a Duel Power Compact 65w light fixture. Duel meaning its 2 Bulbs but each bulb is 2 tubes so essentially 4 light bulbs.

I ordered an installed a duel PINK plant grow bulb, as all my tanks have pink/purplish plant bulbs on them mixed with white 6700k bulbs.. But that's with T8S and normal T5's.. I never realized the higher output lights the pink bulbs are really BRIGHT hot pink.. So it combined with the 6700/10k bulb kind makes the tank have too much of a pinkish hue too it and the plants aren't as green looking when you just have the 6700/10k on by itself. I ordered another bulb tonight a duel 6700/6700 bulb..

I could just combine that with the 6700/10k bulb and settle with that.. That should be more then enough lighting for any plant right ? 130 watts of 6700k and 10k lighting IMO is high lighting.. But I don't want the pink bulbs to go to waste and pink is the best growing color for vegetation.

I have a 3rd sunpaq 65w ballast.. All I have to do is get some wiring from home depot and install the ballast.. It would fit inside my orbit fixture.. And I think if I redrill the mounting holes and move over the brackets an inch or so I could fit 3 power compact bulbs inside the fixture.. So essentially I would have 3 6700 1 10k and 2 pink bulbs (6 lights) over my tank.. Im sure 4 white lights would drown out the 2 pink lights more. But it would be 195watts of lighting.. that would be 4.43 watts per gallon.. or near 15k lumens

Am I getting excessive lol ? Or do you guys think that would work

Which picture looks better... the first is just with the 6700/10k second is with the duel pink and 6700/10k on

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