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15g species tank ideas

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I currently have a 15 gallon tank sitting empty of any fish. Just an amano shrimp and a ton of java moss and vals. Looking for fish that would do well as either an individual, pair, or small group (no big schools of tiny schooling fish). Water is moderately hard (pH7.4), but worse comes to worse I can use half RO water.
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Depending on your water perameters depends on the fish. Easier to get fish suited to the water rather than the water suited to the fish!
A small group of Harlequin Rasboras might work quite well, They stay more towards the top half of the water column, look great and the smallest shoal size you would need is 6.
The pH at 7.4 is slightly basic, but it is the GH that is really more relevant to know, as fish can be seriously impacted by an inappropriate level of hardness (calcium primarily) in the water. You can ascertain the GH from your municipal water supplier, on their website probably.

In our fish profiles theree are many suitable fish, but these are usually going to be wild caught so it depends upon the GH which may work.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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