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Hi! I am stocking 2 aquariums and I would love to hear your opinions on the stocking levels. The tanks are (or will be) heavily planted with powerfull filtration. Therefore I want the stocking level to be quite high as I don't mind keeping up with the water changes (but not overstocked either). I change my opinions on fish species quite often, so you can give me some ideas on other similar fish if you think it could suit my needs better (probably no bottom dwellers like corries, nothing that digs and I prefer fish that do not occupy the top of the tank that much - I like mid to bottom level fish). But few species I want 100%. Both tanks will be long 60cm, just different depth.

15g - I am not sure at all about the species that I chose. I wanted some other fish but they could be incompatible so I had to make changes. I change my mind quite often about this tank to be honest. I want 1 school of fish, RCS, ramshorn snails and hopefully one male betta (but there is a possibility in the future that I won't get him, it depends on the results in the second tank, it's complicated...). I've had bettas and had good luck with their personalities in community tanks. The schooling fish I am thinking about are harlequin rasboras - about 12 or 15 of them. Stocking level based on aqadvisor is around 70-86%. What do you think? And what do you think about there being no bottom dwellers like corries? Is it a problem? I don't really like them so I prefer not having them.

16g - I guess this could be a controversy... I will tell you why I think it could work in the second paragraph. I was thinking about dividing the tank into approximatelly 4g and 12g so the fish won't be able to see through the divider that much (dense plants around it and small holes, just so water can pass through). In the 11g part I want a betta male for sure, ideally RCS and ramshorns, 1 school of fish. The school that I want is black neon tetra (and I do not really think about changing this species) - 10-12 of them. And in the 5g part, I want a pea puffer. The stocking level is around 80% as well, based on aqadvisor.

Now, why do I want it this way. I originally wanted a 5-6 gallon tank for the pea puffer alone, and a 10g or so for the school fish and a betta. But when I started breeding ramshorns in a 2.5g tank I realised that it's not a good idea (for me) to keep such a small tank. The maintenance is just too high even when compared to my huge more heavilly stocked tanks with actual fish. The 16g would have 1 powerfull and big enough filter to sustain the water quality, 1 powerfull light to grow dense plant matter - compared to not so great filter and light that I would find for a 5g. And more stable conditions, than I could ever achieve in a small tank. There is also no way, that I will buy a 15g tank for just pea puffers (even more than 1) alone. I mean they are cute and all. But ember tetras are about the same size or a bit bigger, and 8 of them was just too little for a 15g tank. I don't think dividing the tank and treating each part as separate tanks is that bad. People do it often with male bettas as well. But I will hear your opinions on this. I am really trying my best to keep my fish happy and healthy, while going a cheaper route.
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