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first half vid is at night just turned on the lights for quick vid so no one came out.2nd half is during the day when everybody out.

my tank packed with tangs.
3 unicorn tangs,2 hippo tangs,2 scopas tangs,2 misbar clowns,1 copperband butterfly,1 tommy tang,1 korean angel,1 naso tang.

tank 72 x 18 x 29 ish lol
29 gallon sump becket skimmer .mag drive 18 and a aquaen 800gph retrun pump after head height total gph is 1400.2 taam sieo 2600 gph powerheads 1 maxi jet 1200 power head.110 lbs live rock.

well i guess after today i cant say its a fish only tank lol i just put a few free mushrooms in lol..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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