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15 gallon stocking ideas?

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fish i like:
harlin rasbora
neon tetra
white cloud
threadfin rainbow fish
germen blue ram

how many of fish for my 15 gallon and whats compaitple?
give me options, which fish and stocking numbers of that fish please!
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I would add maybe 2 or 3 fish to both the danios and the corydoras, as the minimum is 6 for them to be most comfortable. (At least in most circles this is agreed upon) Shrimp do better in bigger groups, but 2 should be alright, and they will likely reproduce if they survive long enough, which leads to my next point. Dwarf Gouramis can be some of the more aggressive ones, and can and likely will make snacks of the shrimp when they get big enough
1 - 2 of 2 Posts