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Looks good, are those real plants and do you have 2 lamps?
Thank you. The plants are fake. I just ordered a 3 foot artificial "bamboo" from Amazon. I think that will fill in the back more. With this crew I don't know what types of live plants I could have. They tear through romaine lettuce, so it would have to be something tough. I'm surprised they don't try to eat the fake plants.

There are two lights for the photo. A double tube shop light which is the usual lighting and a daylight/actinic combo (separate tubes) that I put up for the photo. The right side is usually dim so I added the temporary light. I was surprised how yellow the cool whites are when compared to the daylight & actinic.

I'm not very happy with the photos I take. I'm going to keep at it until I get a really good one. I have also ordered something to dress up around the tank. That will give some interest to the surrounding area. My next photos will include the new plant and outside decorations.
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