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120 Gallon update

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Just thought I would update my 120 Gallon aquarium stocked with Rainbows and Loaches and 2 Bolivian
Rams and 3 "Dennison Barbs

Everyone is doing amazing I haven't had any fish deaths since I lost my red rainbow in the spring maybe the one thing I have changed since then is I have gone from one water change a week to 2 water changes and not only does my aquarium look cleaner the fish are way happier and healthier. one of my Bolivians a month or 2 ago was clamped fin and at the bottom of the aquarium for a week or 2 I treated with Seachem Paraquard and she was fine a couple of days later. I have added a few new rainbows and the plants are doing really good got a lily I can finally keep alive.

Can't stress on how the 2nd water change I do a week has changed things with the health of the fish. My Rainbow that had cauliflower disease is still alive it kept growing untill I used Seachem Paraguard and the cauliflower part has disappeared the is still a big part where it was the scales never grew back the rainbow is still alive and growing

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Boxer that's a great looking tank!!! Water changes are just a wonderful thing and do an amazing job for our fish's health!
It's a beautiful looking tank, the plants look wonderful and your rainbows are amazing in color! I notice you appear to have a gravel like substrate. Is that so? If it is pay close attention those loaches and their barbels. Even in fine grained gravel, they can go through barbel erosion over time and then become prone to infections.
Yes that's fluorite if I had to do it again I would have gone the sand route my loaches usually hang out on the large driftwood I have the clowns are larger not in the video so far so good
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This is the lily I am proud of growing at the front of the aquarium, with a queen loach lying under the driftwood its not a dead fish just a loach
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