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These are a medium size livebearer and are so different from other livebearers that you won't beleive it. The males form a dominance hierarchy with the dominate males truns jet black with a bright orange outline on the tail fin. They are easy to keep and can do fine at room temp -76 F. I house mine with Least Killies to form a natural feeding cycle. They will eat just about anything that hits the water and get alog with active fish their size are larger.

These are extinct in the wild and a high priority on the C.A.R.E.S species preservation listing. I offer a live arrival ad health garuantee. All will be shipped in a styro-line box with heat pack if necessary. I'm asking $30 plus $8 shipping-I'm discounting the actual shipping for affordability. There are better photos o the and I have a few addition fish available aswell and ca add Least Killies for a small additional charge.



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