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I have a male Twinbar Solar Flare Swordtail who needs a new home. He and his brother are getting the boot by our resident male. lol They are about two inches without the sword right now, still young and growing well.

I go via ebay since it's easier to handle funds and shipping.

It's a bid starting at $1.50.

He and his brother are real handsome devils, they are greedy-guts though, so be mindful when you feed, especially if you have a lot of mouths to feed like I do, they are not aggressive but have no problems pushing everyone else out of the way to steal their share. ^_~

They get along with my females, already trying to breed and being persistent. They also get along with other fish just fine and tend to run if someone tries to fight, but they are just kids. They are currently in a 55 gallon tank with other swordtails, guppies, platies, neon tetras and mollies. Oh, and a big male three-spot gourami, they have no problems with anyone and should be fine community fish.

Link to the fishy: 1 Male Twinbar Solar Flare Swordtail Tropical Fish | eBay
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