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I have two females and a male for sale. Male is a twinbar solar flare, females may or may not be, one looks like she's getting in the bars but eh, they're really pretty anyways. They're old enough to breed, but are only a few months along so probably wont. lol They have some growing to do, but are far from considered fry and can go with adults(males not recommended kept together). Sub-adult, juvenile maybe. =)
Bid starts at $8, ends in one week. I did a week long one because I don't want people waiting too long after buying and I only ship Monday through Wednesday.
They will be sent with a live plant or two, either java moss, crystalwort or a stem plant, double bagged well insulated packaging(newspaper and/or carefresh ultra bedding, nice and soft and makes good insulation).
1 Male Twinbar SF 2 Female Solar Flare Swordtail Tropical Freshwater Fish | eBay
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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