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Smile Wanted: Basic Betta Setup


I am looking to set up my very first tank with a betta. I've been doing a lot of reading, but I've seen conflicting information about which kits are good quality, which filters are appropriate for bettas, etc., so I thought maybe I'd try asking if anyone here has supplies for a betta that they don't use anymore (if you've upgraded to a larger tank or something). I figure if someone has used it and knows it works well, I might have a better shot at setting up a tank successfully than if I try to bring all the different components on my own.

I'm looking for a 3-10 gallon tank (glass or acrylic), with an adequate filter. I'd like to include some hardy plants like java moss or fern, but nothing fancy, so I don't think I will need high-powered lights.

If anyone has some leftover supplies that you'd like to go to a good home, please let me know! I don't have a specific budget but I know these materials can be expensive, so I'm relatively flexible on price. And if anyone has tips for betta care or tank setups, please feel free to share!

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If petco is still doing their $1 a gallon sale, I would check it out! Get a 10g, you won't regret it. (Plus a 10g allows room to divide, allowing two males/female/one of each in the same tank, which is useful as bettas are like chips!)

Even though I can't list specific brands, the best thing for bettas would be a sponge filter (whether it's the usual sponge block or a matten hamburg filter) running off an airline - airpump - or a very low flow rate power filter, some HOB's or even the smaller canisters work great... Hobs may require a bit of "modification" so the return from the filter doesn't disrupt the fish. Some prefer to use a cut water bottle, others use sponge along the waterfall part. (I personally prefer power filtration over airline, a bit more powerful in containing all the muck into one space..)
Get sand, whether playsand or otherwise. All uneaten food/poop/debris will remain on the surface of the sand, making it easier to see where everything is located - when you have to do your weekly clean.

(Lights... go LED! Great energy saver, expensive as first but cost less in the long run.)

Good ones are for low tech/light setups:
- java fern (normal, narrow leaf, windelov, mini ect.)
- anubias (nana, nana petite, coffeefolia, bareti ect.)
- mosses (java (can be a pain though), flame, xmas, taiwan, peacock, fissiden (my personal favourite!), subwassertang ect...)
- bucephalandra (rather expensive as they are relatively new to the hobby in comparison to others mentioned, but very hardy!)
- floating plants (duckweed - a pain, nice to look at. but gets out of control -, amazon frogbit, water sprite, red root floaters, hornwort ect.)
- cryptocorynes
- bolbitis

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Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate the straightforward advice. I was having trouble pulling together all the information on my own. I think I'll definitely try to go with a 10 gallon tank, and I'll look at my LFS for the plants you have recommended.

As far as using sand as a substrate - is there a type that you recommend when including plants in the tank? Even if not a specific brand, are there any characteristics I should be looking for?

Again, thanks! Looking forward to getting it set up and sharing it :)
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I would go with sand for a plant substrate and you can use gravel in other areas as well if you really want to. Good luck with your setup!

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Wanted: Basic Betta Setup

I'm a big fan of pool filter sand, but for a small tank you'll have a lot of extra. But it's not expensive so it's not that big a deal. Caribsea make some great sands, if you don't mind spending $20-25/bag. For a small tank like you're looking at, it's 1 bag. Check out the sunset gold. Tahitian moon sand is nice too.

I had some tanks where I got some large pebbles and stones to sprinkle across the top of the sand - looked nice.

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I have a betta tank, it's a 10 gallon from the dollar per gallon sale mentioned, we upgraded from a 5 gallon starter set and are very glad we did. Frank seems much happier and more active. I have a glass hood which was $10 and I just switched from an aqueon quiet flow 20(hob) to an Aquaclear 20 (hob) which I paid $26 for. I have to say I am preferring the Aquaclear. Shop around for the items you need. One thing I would definitely recommend is some kind of betta floating or suction cup flower placed near the top of the tank, mine loves his and sleeps in it. I have 6 spotted corys in with him and they work well with Frank, very active little guys and fun to watch.
Good luck with the tank set up, I hope you find everything you need within your budget.
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For better yet, live plants that grow beneath or near the surface.... I personally find that bettas like them more.

Owner of fish, hermit crabs, shrimp and plants!

Hermit Crab Association (HCA) is a great resource for hermit crab care
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