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zebra danio breeding

  1. Danio Fry Tank

    Fish Breeding
    Found a bunch of Zebra Danio fry after I siphoned my tank, and decided to try to grow them up. I have them in a 2.5 gal right now, with Oak leaves, drift wood with java moss on it, anacharis, and dwarf water lettuce. Temp stays 75-80 ish, PH approx 7.0, medium hardness. I feed them a...
  2. Zebra Danio fry question!

    Fish Breeding
    I recently have had my zebra danios spawn successfully! I quarantined about 10 gallons of my 30 gallon long during my weekly water change last week. I have tons of larvae and eggs still but all the free swimming babies are M.I.A....are they hiding or did they slip through the cracks and get...
  3. Zebra Danio Eggs (Video and Livestream)

    Fish Breeding
    Hey there, I just registered at the forums, so hello everyone! Even though I'm new here, I've been the owner of tropical and saltwater fish for several years now. And most recently, I've decided to breed Zebra Danios. Yes, they are easy to breed, but I have some video of eggs that looks pretty...
  4. How to breed Zebra Danios or White Cloud Mountain Minnows?

    Fish Breeding
    Alright... all of the info i have looked for on breeding these guys i havnt liked. Does anyone here breed them or know what some breeding triggers are? I tried starting to breed Tetras right after the common livebearers. I've heard Danios are easier than most egg layers along with White Clouds...