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white cloud

  1. sick white clouds

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, I'll try to give you as much info so you can help me figure out what's wrong with my white cloud.. I have an 8-gallon Biorb tank that's been going for about 6 months now. I started it with 3 white cloud mountain minnows, and eventually added 2 of the "golden" variety. Eventually 1 of the...
  2. Cloudy Water? (white)

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Ok so yesterday morning my water was fine. I had tested my water (Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 0, pH: 7.6) and did a weekly water change of 50% (normally I only do 25% but I decided to use the cycled aquarium water for another tank so I could separate a nippy dwarf gourami from my betta)...
  3. White Cloud breeding help

    Fish Breeding
    Hi I have recently re established my 10 gallon tank and currently have 4 white clouds (3 female), 4 Priscilla tetras (sexes unknown) and 1 feeder goldfish that i have had for 4 years. 2 of the white clouds look very ready for laying eggs (the stomach areas are huge) and I would like to know...