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water quality

  1. Cloudiness in my new 20 gal maybe from used filter?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello all, I haven't had a tank in a while. I used to have had a 5 and 10. I thought I'd try a 20 this time. For filtration, I set up a Sun Sun canister pump and an Aqua Tech 5-15. They are both used. Each from two different tanks. I rinsed them out really well and scrubbed them with a...
  2. getting new farlowella settled

    I have a recently upgraded 55g tank from a 10g. I've had it up and running for a few weeks now and yesterday added a farlowella to it. I'm trying to get the water chemistry just right. I discovered the tap water at work (the new location for my tank) was much harder than home(little adjusment...
  3. Local water quality

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    So I've been looking into the water quality of my city to determine how it'll affect my fish/plants. Couple questions: I've seen terms like KH, GH, etc, but not quite sure what they stand for. Also, would I need to contact the water company for this info? Found an interesting publication put...
  4. i want them big and healthy!

    hey professionals, i was wondering how often i should be doing water changes and gravel vacs to make sure my water quality is as close to perfect for my cichlids to be healthy. I have a 75G with 21 fish and right now i'm doing weekly 25G water changes and vacuuming the gravel every time. first...