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water chemistry

  1. Noobster Fish Keeper

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    Just joined, so hi to all! My first aquarium setup went well for the first 3 weeks but now my neon tetra seem to be dying! I have a 90 litre tank with internal filter, heater and led overhead lighting. The substrate is fine white sand and pea gravel. The tank is planted with 5 different plants...
  2. When OLD fish become NEW FISH! - How I began!

    Introduce Yourself
    ... about 6 months ago I woke up from my ordinary boring life expecting an ordinary boring day but as I reached the bottum of the stairs that morning I noticed an old fish tank in the living room with not much to say about it except "MOM!!!! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THIS OLD PIECE OF ****!"...
  3. Cory Cat Deaths - is this a Substrate/ Water/ Disease or Aquarist issue?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello, Either my LFS is reprehensible (and i don't think they are), or there's a major tank problem. ...Or a major “me” problem. I've clearly messed up, made rookie mistakes, possibly relied a little too much on my LFS for advice… but how can I do right by these last little...
  4. Water Chemistry

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi everyone I'm in the process of setting up a low tech, planted Australian native Rainbowfish aquarium, but have run into some issues concerning the rather weird water found in my area. My water parameters are as follows: pH: 7.7 General Hardness(GH): 44 ppm Alkalinity(KH): 36 ppm A link...
  5. Super high PH. What kind of fish can I keep?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello, I live in the mountains, so my water comes from a well. The water chemistry is very odd: PH:9-10 (I can't tell exactly because my testing strips only go to 9) KH:240+ (testing strips only go to 240) GH:0 I was wondering what kind of fish can live in my water? I can lower the PH...
  6. Water Treatments: Who's right- The fish store or the company?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I'm trying to set up my fish tank after starting over from my first experience with ich, and I went to my LFS and got the new 2 day-old water I had running in my tank tested to see how to adjust it before getting new fish. Based on my results (I don't remember what they were), I was told to...
  7. Reef testing Kits??

    Water Chemistry
    I am looking to expand my FOWLR and start keeping a few anemones and soft corals. I have been looking at reef testing kits online. I haves seen that some test for silicates, phosphates and iodine; while others test calcium, KH and phosphate; yet others test calcium, KH and magnesium...