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  1. Freshwater Journals
    This amazing high definition video takes an up close look at the miracle of birth. You will see a gravid female guppy ( technically it's a female Orchid Endler ) giving birth to her 37 babies. There is lots of information, supported by video clips, that I am sure will amaze even the most jaded...
  2. Freshwater Journals
    Yesterday I went to my LFS and got some new fish for my 15 gallon tank. I didn't manage to take any photographs but today I made a short video so you can see how lovely everyone looks! Unfortunately my new baby pleco wouldn't come out for the camera. You can just catch a glimpse of him at 0:21...
  3. Freshwater Journals
    Hi, that I am gradually stocking. So far it had 8 zebra danios and 8 red platies. Eventually I would like to add a small school of bleeding heart tetras (my wife's request), and one bristlenose plec. What I'd really like to know is if Silver Dollars are compatible with these fish, and if I...
  4. Fish Breeding
    Hey there, I just registered at the forums, so hello everyone! Even though I'm new here, I've been the owner of tropical and saltwater fish for several years now. And most recently, I've decided to breed Zebra Danios. Yes, they are easy to breed, but I have some video of eggs that looks pretty...
  5. Freshwater Journals
    Hey all, decided to take a video tonight while I was bored, had just cleaned the tank and filter, hence the debris floating! I got some Zebra danios tonight and some driftwood added to the mix, 100% real planted tank now! I think the camera had trouble capturing the video with the new light...
  6. Freshwater Journals
    My son has been dying for "3 black mollies" for the last couple months. SO we bought him them for xmas. They are SUPER cute, happy and playful! Now we are working on the space theme background for their home :) With Flash See them in ACTION! YouTube - Project Molly
1-6 of 7 Results