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urgent answers needed!

  1. HELP PLEASE sterbai cory is sick have no idea whats wrong

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Recently my Sterbai Cory has started looking very sick missing part of dorsal fin, he is swimming way slower than usual, his left gill is infected i think and his pectoral fin on that side has white stuff growing on it i think, his dorsal fin looks a little white on top too. I had 2 Sterbai...
  2. HELP! VERY Pregnant Female Guppy AGGRESSIVE

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to the world of aquariums. I recently purchased a 20g aquarium, set it up and allowed time to cycle. It has "standard" dimensions, and two out of the water filters, one rated for 40 gallons and another rated for 20 gallons. The tank residents are 7 guppies (5 females and 2 males)...